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Renal Code 100g

Renal Code 100g

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Provide your feline companion with Clumsy Bumsy’s specialized, homemade fresh cat food, Renal Code, crafted specifically for cats facing CKD (chronic kidney disease). Tailored to meet the unique dietary needs of cats with compromised kidneys, our recipe prioritizes low-phosphorus content without compromising on essential protein levels. Unlike many commercial renal cat diets that sacrifice protein, leading to muscle loss and a diminished quality of life, Renal Code ensures a balance between phosphorus restriction and vital protein intake.

Featuring fresh ingredients such as chicken thighs (rich in protein and low in phosphorus compared to other meats), and egg white (virtually phosphorus-free and an excellent natural protein source), our recipe is fortified with omega-3 fatty acids for overall well-being.

Renal Code is meticulously prepared to support the longevity and happiness of CKD cats. As with all our recipes, it is free from fillers, grains, and preservatives, promoting optimal nutrient absorption.

Choose Clumsy Bumsy’s Renal Code, the food that cares for your cat’s unique needs, ensuring a longer and happier life.


- Chicken thighs
- Egg white
- Mutton kidney
- Chicken liver
- Chicken hearts
- Whole egg
- Egg shells
- Mercury free salmon oil
- Taurine
- Vitamin E
- Lite salt
- Vitamin B12 complex
- Vitamin E
- Psyllium husk


Pan India shipping available

Delivery time:

Delivery in Delhi NCR: 2-3 Days

Delivery in other areas: 5-7 days

Shipping Charges:

Shipping charges of Rs 99 on 1-2 pouches

Free shipping on 3 or more pouches

Feeding Instructions

Suitable for all life stages and breeds.

How much to feed?

Kitten: 8-10% of their body weight

Adult: 3-5% of their body weight

How to transition?

Day 1-2

25% of new food + 75% of old food

Day 3-4

50% of new food + 50% of old food

Day 5-6

75% of new food + 25% of old food

Day 7:

100% of new food

Storage Instructions

No need to refrigerate unopened pouches. Refrigerate only after opening and consume within 2-3 days.

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