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Why Clumsy Bumsy

  • Zero Compromise Food

    Preservatives - Yuck!
    Fillers - Ewww!
    Grains - Haww!
    Plant Protein - Never!
    It's food that’s so nutritious,
    we wish someone made it for us

  • Military Grade Technology

    Our food is prepared using

    state of the art Retort Technology used to
    make food for the army.
    If it’s good for our army,
    it’s good for our cats too

  • Complete Transition Assistance

    Have a zillion questions like:

    How much food should I feed? How do I transition

    to fresh food? 

    Raho befikar when we are here

  • Super Convenient

    Food has been delivered to

    your home and then what?
    Bas pouch kaato,
    khana daalo aur khilado.
    No need to rehydrate, thaw

    or heat

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What cat parents say

  • Snowber


    The brand's commitment to premium ingredients has won over my cats' hearts (and stomachs), prompting them to ditch all other brands. Each meal, devoured with relish, has led to noticeable improvements in their fur quality, making them look as good as they feel.
    Coupled with exceptional customer service that radiates warmth and genuine care, Clumsy Bumsy delivers not just nutrition, but also trust and reliability.

  • Tina


    Krishanu and his team were a big help in explaining how their food is made and providing very competitive pricing when compared to other high end food brands for cats. Apart from that, all the nutrients like taurine are added into the food already. After the shift, one major change I’ve seen is that my cats have had fewer bowel issues, their stool is much more consistent and has decreased in terms of the number of times they go and the quantity. One of my cats has creatinine issues and the food has been a really good shift for her too.

  • Agreni


    Ever since my cat has started eating this food, the balanced meals and protein have made him so much healthier! His muscles visibly look stronger, his fur is shinier and softer, and he doesn’t fall sick as often anymore. His digestion and poop is much better and more manageable. His bowels are fewer, healthier and not brittle, and it has significantly reduced my expense on cat litter. (Earlier I was using 8kg in a month and now it’s down to 4kg a month).

  • Roshini


    I heard about Clumsy Bumsy during discussions on a Facebook group and vetted their processes and recipes through people I consider quite informed on feline nutrition and they had great things to say. Our cat doesn't get bored of Clumsy Bumsy. The highlight has been the regular support and advice the team offers. It's run by cat parents, so they know the feline ways! Begum, our cat, is happy and healthy, her poop doesn't stink any more, her coat is silk and has this lovely sheen of health!

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