Who are we?

Clumsy Bumsy is all about giving your cats the royal treatment! We're not just another cat food brand—we're the cat's pajamas! Our secret sauce? Crafting purr-fect meals from 100% human-grade meats, cooked to paw-fection with our special retort magic. Led by a bunch of cat-crazy folks (and certified nutrition buffs!), we make sure every bite is a whisker-licking delight. So why settle for less? Join the fun and treat your fur baby to something truly extraordinary!

Why Clumsy Bumsy

  • Zero Compromise Food

    Preservatives - Yuck!
    Fillers - Ewww!
    Grains - Haww!
    Plant Protein - Never!
    Food so nutritious,
    we wish someone made it for us

  • Military Grade Technology

    Our food is prepared using

    state of the art Retort Technology used to
    make food for the army.
    If it’s good for our army,
    it’s good for our cats too

  • Complete Transition Assistance

    Have a zillion questions like:

    How much food should I feed? How do I transition

    to fresh food? 

    Raho befikar when we are here

  • Super Convenient

    Food has been delivered to

    your home and then what?
    Bas pouch kaato,
    khana daalo aur khilado.
    No need to rehydrate, thaw

    or heat

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What cat parents say

  • Snowber

    Mage, Yoshi, Mimi & Bombolina's mommy
    The brand's commitment to premium ingredients has won over my cats' hearts (and stomachs). Each meal, devoured with relish, has led to noticeable improvements in their fur quality. Clumsy Bumsy delivers not just nutrition, but also trust and reliability.

  • Ayesha

    Puchee's mommy
    Clumsy Bumsy cat food has become a staple in our household. Puchee is healthier, happier, and her coat is shinier than ever. I highly recommend this delightful cat food to all cat parents out there.

  • Shreya

    Pepper & Fergie's mommy

    A friend told us about Clumsy Bumsy, and it’s been a god-send! Our cats love it and their tummy issues have resolved as well. Krishanu and Nitika are the best - knowledgeable, committed and always available to answer any questions and discuss any nutritional needs.

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