About us

Clumsy Bumsy makes the healthiest & highest quality fresh food that you can buy for your pets. 

Our food, bone broth and treats are made of fresh human-grade ingredients and has all the essential nutrients that your cat needs without any harmful preservatives, grains and fillers.​​

It’s fresh, it’s super healthy and nutritious and it’s what your kiddos were meant to have.

Our Story

We are Krishanu and Nitika, and we are at the heart of Clumsy Bumsy. We follow the principle of hum 2 hamarey 3 (abhi tak :P) and the name of our kids are Shifu, who was rescued from the fish markets of Mumbai, Daffy, our one eyed pirate kitty who is the craziest cat that we’ve had the fortune of meeting and then comes our youngest and sweetest puppy Dilly, who adds so much energy to our lives.

A few years back when it was just us and Shifu, we started off like any other first time pet parent and fed him commercial dry and wet food which resulted in extremely smelly poos and diarrhea. Seeing that we ditched dry food completely and fed him the most expensive wet food that we could buy which made things better but still not ideal.

That's when we started on our journey of going through evidence based research, speaking with nutritionists, researching multiple books on feline nutrition and getting certified from US as a Feline & Canine Nutritionist.

We now make the best food possible for cats and dogs globally (yes, you literally can't get better food even in the US & UK) in our own facility and ensure that nobody's pets have to go through what our Shifu and countless others go through everyday.

We channelize our obsession for our kiddos health into making high quality human-grade food for every cat and dog in India.