What pet parents say

  • Snowber

    As a devoted cat parent to Mage, Yoshi, Mimi, and Bombolina, I found the ultimate feline delight in Clumsy Bumsy! The brand's commitment to premium ingredients has won over my cats' hearts (and stomachs), prompting them to ditch all other brands. Each meal, devoured with relish, has led to noticeable improvements in their fur quality, making them look as good as they feel.

    Coupled with exceptional customer service that radiates warmth and genuine care, Clumsy Bumsy delivers not just nutrition, but also trust and reliability. It's the brand that understands and caters to the unique dietary needs of felines, offering a nutritious and irresistible feast for our furry family. A stellar choice for any cat parent seeking quality and satisfaction!

  • Ayesha

    Clumsy Bumsy Tata Tuna and Kudukoo Chicken cat food has truly won my baby's heart (and stomach)! From the moment I opened the bag, I could tell this was something special.

    The blend of tuna and chicken is simply purrfect. My cat, Puchee, couldn't get enough of it. Her ears were twitching with delight as she devoured every morsel.

    What truly impressed me is the ingredient list. Clumsy Bumsy prides itself on using high-quality, natural ingredients. No fillers, no artificial additives—just wholesome goodness that my kitty deserves. Plus, it's grain-free, which is great for cats with dietary sensitivities.

    I appreciate the thoughtfulness that has gone into this cat food. The packaging could be resealable to keep the food fresh.

    Clumsy Bumsy cat food has become a staple in our household. Puchee is healthier, happier, and her coat is shinier than ever. I highly recommend this delightful cat food to all cat parents out there. It's a meow-tastic choice that your furry friend will thank you for!

  • Shreya

    We switched our cats to CB about 2 months ago because we were fed up with their off and on tummy issues. We wanted to give them clean, healthy, nutritious food rather than commercial food, which wasn’t suiting them and has a lot of unnecessary extras. Home-cooked food wasn’t really an option as it’s difficult to provide all the vitamins etc. they need. Besides, cats are fussy! And boiled chicken every day wasn’t cutting it. A friend told us about Clumsy Bumsy, and it’s been a god-send! Our cats love it and their tummy issues have resolved as well. Krishanu and Nitika are the best - knowledgeable, committed and always available to answer any questions and discuss any nutritional needs.
    Thank you Krishanu and Nitika for taking such good care of our cats!

  • Shweta


    We had tried almost every possible brand of cat food ranging from Whiskas, MeO, Sheba to Schesir, N&D, Applaws. Both wet and dry food and a few other fresh food options. The issue with wet food was that they are highly processed and contain grains which are not a part of a cat’s natural diet. Other fresh food options worked for a while but it was inconvenient to use and also unreliable with deliveries. Then we came across Clumsy Bumsy. After hearing positive feedback from a few members from the Fans of Cats facebook group, we decided to give it a try. We got in touch with Krishanu and Nitika. They started us on Clumsy Bumsy food, answered all our questions (which were so many). There has been no looking back since then. Our cats have completely transitioned and have settled into a thrice a day routine, which we didn’t even think was possible earlier (we used to free feed them). The best part about Clumsy Bumsy is that it has no grains, and it is not processed at all. It is reasonably priced. We are using the chicken variant right now but they have other flavours as well. And, Krishanu and Nitika are themselves cat parents so it is not just a business for them. They have held our hands though this journey and we are thankful to them for that.

  • Agreni


    In a nutshell: Clumsy Bumsy is healthy for your cat, convenient, and WILL reduce your overall expenses.

    In January 2022, I was struggling to raise my cat Banoffee. He was always hungry, I was spending way too much on packed cat food and cat litter both. I saw the packed food deteriorate in quality over the last few months, and could sense that my cat wasn’t satiated after meals. Then I came across Clumsy Bumsy cat food on Facebook, spoke to Krishanu, and decided to give it a try. Now, I can’t even think about going back to packed cat food (Whiskas Sheba etc) again. Why? Because ever since my cat has started eating this food,

    1. He is more satiated, and doesn't beg for food five times a day. He loves the flavour and texture of the food

    2. The balanced meals and protein have made him so much healthier! His muscles visibly look stronger, his fur is shinier and softer, and he doesn’t fall sick as often anymore.

    3. His digestion and poop is much better and more manageable. His bowels are fewer, healthier and not brittle, and it has significantly reduced my expense on cat litter. (Earlier I was using 8kg in a month now it’s down to 4kg a month).

    Moreover, this food hydrates my cat very well. Earlier, he would lick his lips a lot and I wrote it off as a normal cat-trait. But since he started eating Clumsy Bumsy, I have observed him lick his lips a lot less. In a conversation with Krishanu, I learnt that dry food is actually carb-laden and very dry, which makes our cats dehydrated and in many cases, ultimately suffer from liver disease. It is a great reassurance that my cat is now eating food that hydrates him, makes him feel full, and keeps him healthy! Thank you Clumsy Bumsy!

  • Tina


    I got to know about Clumsy Bumsy through a Facebook page called Fans of Cats. I was looking for something more holistic and home made in terms of food for my cats because they used to get bored of packed food very easily. Also I was looking forward to transitioning completely out of any kibble food dependence. Krishanu and his team were a big help in explaining how their food is made and providing very competitive pricing when compared to other high end food brands for cats. Apart from that it’s made at home and has all the nutrients like taurine are added into the food already. After the shift one major change I’ve seen is that my cats have had fewer bowel issues. Their stool is much more consistent and has decreased in terms of the number of times they go and the quantity. One of my cats has creatinine issues and the food has been a really good shift for her too. Clumsy Bumsy team is very prompt in accepting and delivering an order. Krishanu personally has walked me through how to transition my cats and has been available at odd hours to answer all my questions. My cats love their food and they go crazy whenever I get their food out.

  • Roshni


    I fed her highness home made food prescribed by a feline nutritionist for about a year. It calls for precise measures of supplements, muscle meat and organ meat etc and sure enough within a year I was tired of all the prep and cooking and worried that the drudgery of making this would lead to errors. So for a while we transitioned to commercial food and the tantrum of the cat started, she would be greedy for one brand for a week and reject it after that and I was mentally preparing myself to take on the task of making her meals at home again. But Clumsy Bumsy to the rescue! I heard about them during discussions on a Facebook group and vetted their processes and recipes through people I consider quite informed on feline nutrition and they had great things to say. Our cat doesn't get bored of it. The highlight has been the regular support and advice the team offers. It's run by cat parents, so they know the feline ways! Begum, our cat is happy and healthy, her poop doesn't stink any more and her coat is silk and has this lovely sheen of health!

  • Anannya


    Chamak loves Clumsy Bumsy. We were looking for homemade cat food for a long time. Our cats used to eat only mass produced packaged dry food. We found a recipe online but could never make it at home. We were on a constant lookout for wholesome meals and especially wet food because nothing was really working for our cat's digestion. So glad that a friend introduced us to Clumsy Bumsy. Chamak transitioned to their flavours very smoothly without any hassle and now loves having it. Chicken and Tuna are her favourite ones. Two and a half months into the service and her humans are also very pleased with everything. We supplement it with dry food as well. Waiting to see its long term results on her health.

  • Param


    I’m very happy with my experience with Clumsy Bumsy cat food for my kitten. I got to know about Clumsy Bumsy through a happy customer on Facebook. Since then, I have recognised the benefits of the food from Clumsy Bumsy for my cat. The people from Clumsy Bumsy were kind enough to come to my house on the first delivery and help me understand the health benefits of their food along with how to transition my cat to this new diet. It took my cats a couple of days to transition to their food and now she has completely transitioned. I’ve noticed she has gotten healthier while on Clumsy Bumsy food. Their ordering and delivery process is also very smooth. I recommend Clumsy Bumsy to all cat parents.

  • Mehul


    Clumsy Bumsy provides nutritious food for my cat which is freshly packed and helps my cat Poko to be in good shape and health. Since I have started giving him their food, I have had a great experience with their service as well. There have been times when I ordered the food on an urgent basis and they fulfilled my order by going beyond their capabilities. Thank You so much Clumsy Bumsy for letting my baby Pakoda have a wonderful healthy life. All the best.

  • Joshua


    Bubby has been eating Clumsy Bumsy chicken flavour, and it's fair to say I haven't ever seen her this excited by food in all her 12 years with us. Considering she's an old cat, set in her ways, this was a pleasant and welcome surprise for us. And of course, it helps that the service has been the perfect combination of professional and personal. As to the quality of the food? Bubby's reaction is all the approval we need.

  • Megha


    I heard about Clumsy Bumsy through a Facebook post and thought of giving it a shot and since then there is no looking back. It gives me immense peace in knowing that my fur babies are eating fresh food without any preservations. It is filled with essential nutrients for growing Kittens as well as adult cats, keeping their skin & body healthy. Talking about the service - it is super quick. My cats love all the variants- chicken, tuna, mackerel. They instantly finish their entire meal.

  • Priyanka


    We had the good fortune to be introduced to Clumsy Bumsy in early 2022. Having heard about the variety of issues that a processed/packet food only diet can cause, we had been looking for good alternatives for high quality fresh food for our fur balls for a while. Thankfully, we came across Clumsy Bumsy and became acquainted with Krishanu and Nitika (who are both wonderful people and are more like friends now!). They patiently answered my endless queries and even walked me through the process of transitioning to the Clumsy Bumsy diet. Over time I have come to realise that each product of Clumsy Bumsy is made after diligent research and testing, and is backed by proper science. Krishanu and Nitika both have immense knowledge when it comes to cat nutrition and it shows in their products. Whatever query you may have, whether it’s related to their cat food products or cat nutrition in general, they have the answer (and a detailed one) for it. 

    Coming to my experience, their food is more satiating, loaded with all the essential bio-appropriate nutrients and vitamins, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that my cats are getting one of the best possible wet food available in the country.

  • Somya


    Once I found out my dog had cancer, I went into deep disbelief. I couldn’t figure why this could have happened to her especially at such a young age. In the process of understanding what causes cancer, doing research and reading authors including vets, I understood the importance of “species appropriate food”. I was dismayed at the revelation that I had been feeding “rotis” to my dog whereas she was meant for human grade meat, organs and muscles. Ofcourse, I immediately changed her diet, fed her food that was appropriate, she outlived the months vet foretold for her but she succumbed to this deadly disease. Now, I have an old cat too, a fussy one. I had no hope of ever changing anything with her as she’s as stubborn as a mule. However, I had to try. If not, I can never forgive myself. I approached Krishanu, who was super helpful. By this time my cat developed renal issues. Now this created further problems as the diet and nutrition for a cat with kidney issues is different from the normal diet. As I consulted him, I began eating renal food and now raw food. The thing about Clumsy Bumsy and Krishanu is that they’re not insecure. He’s as sincere as arranging a cool box to send the food to me out of Delhi. He listens and finds what’s best for your cat. Sometimes a simple advice helps in saving lives, and giving species appropriate food does just that. It’s cheaper too in comparison to commercial food. Clumsy Bumsy does what’s best, it gives what your cat is supposed to eat. I hope many are able to transition their cat from a commercial diet to a more natural diet. Thank you Krishanu for helping me at each step! You’re a saviour!

  • Pavithra


    I have two very fickle-minded and spoiled fur babies. They have their own palette and trust me, if I ever actually move away from the diet that they prefer, it's always hell on me. This is where Clumsy Bumsy comes in. I had been trying to get my kitties off dry food and onto their natural diet for a while, but home boiled chicken was only eaten by one that too under duress. 

    But once I tried Clumsy Bumsy, there was no looking back. The fact that they have different flavours to try out as well as the flexibility of actually being able to try them out at our convenience, also helped a lot while transitioning to their food. 

    Clumsy Bumsy is an all natural diet that keeps them full until their next meal and not only is the food good for the kitties, its owners are the sweetest and most helpful in answering all queries that you as a cat parent might have. 

    I have been recommending Clumsy Bumsy to all cat parents I know. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to provide a natural diet to their babies but might not be able to due to various reasons.

  • Tomoe


    My cat loves Clumsy Bumsy food. She has been eating their food since she was 2 months old. She stays healthy and very active. They have a variety of flavours which makes my cat happy too (she obviously doesn't like to eat the same flavour always). Their food is freshly made so is preservatives and chemical free which I like very much. Surprisingly the Clumsy Bumsy food is reasonable and I highly recommend it for cat parents who want to give the best to their fur babies.

  • Apurva


    Clumsy Bumsy food has been great for my catto. He immediately jumps at the sight of the clumsy bumsy food pouch. I would definitely recommend it over any other brand which doesn't offer transparency for the food that my cat likes to have. Great work Krishanu and the team.