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Rescuer Pack - 2 flavour combo

Rescuer Pack - 2 flavour combo

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Our special rescuer pack contains 50 pouches of 200g each. The pack can be a combination of any of the 2 recipes - Kukdookoo Chicken, Tata Tuna or Maharaja Mackerel.

For special rescuer discounts, please directly get in touch with us at 9820165834.

Shipping & Returns

Pan India shipping available

Delivery time:

Delivery in Delhi NCR: 2-3 Days

Delivery in other areas: 5-7 days

Shipping Charges:

Shipping charges of Rs 99 on 1-4 pouches

Free shipping on 5 or more pouches

Feeding Instructions

Suitable for all life stages and breeds.

How much to feed?

Kitten: 8-10% of their body weight

Adult: 3-5% of their body weight

How to transition?

Day 1-2

25% of new food + 75% of old food

Day 3-4

50% of new food + 50% of old food

Day 5-6

75% of new food + 25% of old food

Day 7:

100% of new food

Storage Instructions

No need to refrigerate unopened pouches. Refrigerate only after opening and consume within 2-3 days.

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